Rushing, which is looking at and trying out various fraternities, often brings up a lot of questions. Here is an FAQ that will hopefully answer most of your questions.

For specific questions not answered here ask us on our forum

What is rushing?

Rushing is the term for visiting a bunch of fraternities and deciding if you are interested in joining one and which one you would want to join. Early each semester there is a 'rush week' (it lasts about a month) where you'll be continually annoyed by people knocking on your dorm room doors advertising their rush week activities and trying to convince you to come along. Try out a bunch of these even if you have no interest in joining a fraternity and be sure to get as much free stuff as you can. Then when you're ready to check out the best (and the most modest) fraternity on campus come to our rush activities.

What are your rushing activities?

Check our calendar (Will be up during rush week)

Are there any requirements to join?

Don't be Evil.

I'm not sure I want to join, how long do I have to decide?

Rush happnes once each semester giving you eight potential times to join over your four years ar RPI. Once you decide you want to join there is a semester of activities before you become a member. This time period is known as pledging.

What is pledging?

The time period before initiaion week where you'll learn about the history and customs of the fraternity while also getting to know the current members better.

What about my academics?

School work is the most important activity while you are at RPI, which is why you are paying the ridiculous tuition to come here. While there are fraternities that do not do work, we are not one of them. One of the advantages to joining Acacia or any fraternity is the knowledge of older members who have already taken the classes you've taken. We always help each other with work, since most of college life is spent doing it, and because RPI is a very academically focused school the fraternities tend to be as well.

What about hazing?

Hazing is not tolerated by RPI and not done by us. While we cannot officially speak for the other fraternities on campus hazing is believed to largely be extinct. If you do every find yourself in a hazing situation however, just leave. Never participate in anything that doesn't seem right just to join a fraternity, because it isn't worth it.

What is the IFC?

The student run fraternity government made up of leaders from every fraternity.

Is there some new rule that says underclassman cannot live off campus?

Yes, but it does not apply to fraternities, so you are able to live in house second year.

Part of my scholarship is dependent on living in the dorms, how does that work?

Since we bill through RPI your scholarship will transfer if you decide to live in house.